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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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aveson. the golden state warriors are getting ready for a battle. and the fans are getting ready too. >> pam:it one of the big stories making news tonight. >> pam:the other one is out of novato. where we've learned new. but grim details about the shooting of a high school student and who is being held responsible. >> steve: kron 4's dan kerman has the story. >> reporter:novato high school students returned to class today. for the first time since the shooting. >> think that the facts are well justified. >> reporter: 16 and 17 year- old students have been charged with murder and attempted murder with special shooting and killing at one and wounding the other creek also, charged with aggravated mayhem.
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>> believe this was premeditated murder. >> reporter: both are currently juveniles so they will not be able to be selected for death penalty. but they will serve life terms without parole if found guilty. >> reporter: dna is not getting into the facts of this case and nor will he discuss a motive. the three will face-test the three will face the judge for the first time in court wednesday morning. >> pam:grief counselors were on site to help the students cope with the loss. here is a look at the other top stories of the day.
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>> reporter: in vallejo, concern for 15 year old teenager is growing. she was kidnapped on her way to school last wednesday and her of doctored financial castro was killed in and shoot up and southern california. but the young girl has yet to be found. releasing those similar to the back that she was wearing at castro's car print they think finding either could help lead them to corporate reporting and
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vallejo. police still read kron 4 news. -- alecia rei d, kron 4 news >> grant: within the past hour clarify and that he was working in the deep ip area when the big dumb, 35 years old working for top productions was hurt. you can always turn to kron 4 news for the latest. >> gary: >> reporter: losing side of
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the two-year--the side of the teenagers separate bowl are students at it will be on campus tomorrow to talk more and getting more details. >> reporter: three handguns were stolen. and officers say what happened at 3:00 in the afternoon on the corner of west webster at two was to and from a gun range accurate and stopped at a business occurred when he returned he had noticed that his car had been broken into. and the bag had been stolen. the bag had his handgun inside. >> reporter: the fire was reported this morning by highway 4, firefighters arrived at the same where they put out the flames for
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one hour. but it did not keep the flames from burning or destroying 14 yen. -- several units >> pam: all of the northbound lanes have since been closed due to a st. paul and not expected to be open until later this week. --closed due to a single call-- sink hole >> mark: the defending world champs finished off the oklahoma city thunder in the seventh game coming back after three games. making
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big history. >> steve: time now for wake up weather. >> brittney: 8 coast of clouds have already rolled thin. --a few clouds have already rolled in. 82 degrees and antioch and 54 degrees and half moon bay, 67 degrees in san jose. and area of high pressure will stay in control that will continue through friday. with a weather disturbance helping to drop
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temperatures. futurecast is showing us what we are going through tonight with these clouds will thicken and hang around for monday-test for your morning commute. >> brittney: in the evening we should seek and mostly clear night and heading into thursday and with a lot of sunshine creek--heading into thursday with a lot of sunshine. >> brittney: of the south bay, we will have a run 90 degree temperatures in morgan hill and a bit cooler and mountain dew with 82. the peninsula is much cooler with 70 degree. at 81 in redwood city and hollow out to operate 65 degrees in ocean beach. >> brittney: 82 degrees and
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santa rosa, 76 degrees and several failed thrift and your 7 day forecast shows that temperatures will continue to climb. >> brittney: are expected to seek triple digits on friday in certain locations to rid cooler sunday and into next week. >> pam: as we returned looking at stories that you will need to know.
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>> pam: now some of the stories you need to know for tomorrow. two high school students are facing some disturbing charges, including this bickering the victim. another suspect accused of helping one of
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them will also be in court tomorrow crit. >> steve: bernie sanders will be in a conference and the area. focused on fracking >> steve: after an incredible, that the warriors will carry that momentum right into the national basketball association finals. star >> pam: here, with us tomorrow morning on the kron 4 maureen new spirit-- start here with us tomorrow morning on the kron4 morning news. >> pam: at is if for us tonight, and you for being with us and half a good night everyone.
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mom under siege. >> exclusive video. the mother of the boy who wondered into the gorilla enclosure. >> happy birthday to you. >> how she is coming under fire. even donald trump has an opinion. >> the way he held that child, it was almost like a mother holding a baby. >> and how this witness tried to stop the kid from entering gorilla world. >> i reached for him and i wasn't fast enough. >> then, defending johnny depp. >> his daughter speaks out. >> and depp's wife. >> are you okay, amber. >> look at her now, laughing all the way to the bank? >> and, worst senior


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